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Web Design and Development
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Web Design and Development

From small scale static websites, to fully custom ecommerce solutions, we have extensive experience in designing and developing usable, attractive websites. Before we begin any job, we always research the industry, target demographics, and the competition, to come up with the right solution for you. We strive to create WC3 compliant and usable websites that not only look great, but function great as well. Take a look at our web design portfolio.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce: It's about choices - a range of services and products not constricted by where you live or travel. It's about reaching customers and clients in ways that have never before been possible. It's about building business and like all business relationships it's about trust, security, and customer satisfaction.

You are likely already familiar with the on-line shopping experience: You go to the catalogue site, browse items, click to place them in a "shopping cart," and go to "check out" when you are finished shopping. Check your order, discarding unwanted items or doubling up on good deals. Enter your credit card and shipping information and wait for the UPS truck. Every transaction is encrypted, ensuring both your privacy and safety - even more secure than handing over your card at a store or restaurant.

What about becoming an E-Commerce Merchant yourself?

You're going to need:

  • An attractive, compelling E-Commerce website design that sells, presenting your products in their best light
  • E-Commerce Shopping cart software that makes sense for your business
  • A secure website hosting package
  • The ability to process VISA and MasterCard, securely and reliably
  • A Search Engine Marketing strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing

We can assist you with each of these important steps; from business-winning layouts and design through industry-standard webstore software that can grow with your venture. We'll get you set up with rock-solid hosting servers and get your site noticed by using the latest in proven SEO / SEM techniques. We provide:

  • E-Commerce solutions that integrate into your Point Of Sale (POS) System
  • Search-engine-friendly e-commerce sites. And your catalogue pages will be fully searchable!
  • Custom applications in MySQL, SQL SERVER, PHP and ASP
  • The most secure and reliable credit card transaction servers

Flash Design and Development

Full Flash websites, Flash applications, Flash widgets, Flash animations, Flash video. The list goes on and on. Whatever your need, we can make it happen. Take a look at our past Flash work.

Content Management System Integration and Development

As a full service web design company, we've built many web content management systems. Since 2005 we've built a wide variety of systems to cater for a wide range of needs. We've put all of this knowledge into several easy to use content management systems, so that companies can benefit from our experience in an easy to use product.

Usability is key with all of our systems. If the people using the products do not feel happy, they are less likely to use the system and so return on investment will be not be achieved. Our clients frequently comment on how easy to use our systems are. We typically find that our training sessions last less than a couple of hours and once trained, there is very little they don't know.

WC3 Standards

We pride ourselves in each and every website that we build and ensure that they all adhere to WC3 standards. What does this mean to you? You can rest assured that your website we be built to the highest standards not only graphically, but structurally as well.


A well designed website is not a great website if it is not usable or lacks key functionality elements. You won't get this with us. Each website is carefully thought out and planned. It is well researched with emphasis on clean and clear content delivery.

Search Engine Optimization

With each website we create, we go that extra step and make sure that your website is structurally search engine optimized from the get go. This means that emphasis is put on your content and each website is built semantically, allowing for maximum exposure to the search engines.


We use our custom development framework for each website we create and build. We use the Google Analytics Tool to ensure the highest possible performance scores on your website. This means a fast, robust, performance optimized website.

Web Hosting

Some hosting companies try to win you over with their low hosting prices. What some of them don't tell you is that your website will be hosted with thousands of others on that same machine. We don't do that. We don't stack each server with as many websites as we can to maximize profit. We host our own websites on these machines and ensure the fastest speeds and optimal performance. We wouldn't recommend something we didn't use ourselves. You can choose one of the plans below, or compare plans and see what features are available on each.

Web Small

Perfect for personal websites, small low-traffic business websites.

Web Pro

Perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Web Business Pro

Perfect for large businesses and medium traffic e-commerce websites.

Web Enterprise Pro

Perfect for e-commerce, social networks, and all high-traffic websites.

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